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TECONG has one of the world's most advanced industrial automation hardcover, precision inspection, precision control technology and successful experience and desires to contribute to the motherland. So it settled in Shenzhen and established its subsidiary TECONG Technology Co., Ltd.in August,2012 .TECONG determined to combine the nearly ten years of overseas research achievement and application experience with China automation development status run-in in-depth and ultimately achieve the overseas advanced technology localization, make the development of the enterprise efficient and Chinese manufacturing technological and human life happiness!
   Industrial automation TECONG system focuses on electronics, solar energy, automotive and other high-end manufacturing process for the production of precision assembly, precision measurement, precision control and new industrial technology programs and equipment manufacturers, major equipment includes: new industrial robot innovative applications, machine vision precision detection and alignment assembly system, based on other optical sensor technology online the dimension detection, coplanarity detection, contour detection, as well as the section difference detection system.Energy saving controller, digital CNC controller and related equipment, precision laser processing equipment.
   TECONG has accumulated at home and abroad to absorb nearly 80 outstanding application technology research and development personnel, TECONG future development is inseparable from the past 10 years overseas experience, more cannot leave to Chinese TECONG localization team building, we need more skilled work automation solutions designed for a person of noble aspirations to join the TECONG, together will we focus hardcover, finishing, precision control technology based on the local community, across the world.
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