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Do you know what is the inspection method of non-standard automation equipment?
Time:2020-12-07 Read:4117

Non-standard automation equipment is a kind of equipment that can be customized and is suitable for every industry. Because of its unique characteristics, it is loved by many companies. It is produced through non-standardized production design and in line with national specific standards, so that it has the advantage that standardized products are difficult to match!

I believe everyone knows the advantages of non-standard automation equipment. But because it is different from standard automation equipment, there is a slight difference in testing. So what is the detection method of non-standard automation equipment? Let's talk about it today!

First: check one device and two valves. This may not apply to every non-standard product, but it is still necessary to learn to check. The home page should check whether the electrical circuit is normal, because of its long-term use, which may cause its failure. This is a frequent check we need; check the throttle valve and pressure valve at the same time as the check, because the machine will fluctuate during use. Once the long-term fluctuations cause the two products to become loose, if you don’t pay attention Check, then long-term use will cause failures, so it is more important to check this;

Second: Inspection of the circuit. In order to be foolproof in use, it is necessary to check the circuit before use. Although it looks normal in normal work, but in case of use, it must be checked by some special equipment during nursing. When checking, use a multimeter to check all the conditions of the circuit, such as the path of the circuit. This step must be careful. If aging is found, it is recommended to replace it immediately. If you do not replace it, it may be a small loss;

Third: If there is a downtime during use, try to restart it first. Generally speaking, the restart is still effective if the restart is invalid. If the restart is invalid, then check whether the circuit of the non-standard automation equipment is smooth. If it is a circuit problem, first analyze the specific situation and repair the circuit before it can be normal. usage of;

If it is other faults, the circuit may be ruled out, which requires professional knowledge. It is recommended to check whether each interface and button are still stable and whether there is any looseness. If not, find a professional The equipment maintenance experts should repair it, and pay attention to the safety of life when testing the circuit!

Fourth: In daily maintenance and inspection, follow the order. Cut off the power first, and perform inspections in the case of all power failures. Check the looseness of the interfaces inside, whether there is dust accumulated inside, etc., and the problems found during the inspection must be dealt with in time, so that it is effective!

Because of its uniqueness, non-standard automation equipment needs daily maintenance. Pay attention to inspection during maintenance, and accumulate a correct and easy-to-use inspection method. Through daily inspection and maintenance, its life can be longer!

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