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Joining TECONG

Labview system engineers
, Automation equipment, software development and debugging
Automation equipment application software system architecture design and modular development
3, automation equipment component selection
1, Bachelor degree or above, measurement and control, or automation professional
2, Labview experience in software development for more than three years, more than two years based on Labview movement and visual development experience
3, familiar with the NI-Motion and NI-IMAQ, and the actual project development experience
Familiar with the commonly used electrical components (motor, sensor, pneumatic components, low voltage electrical appliances, etc.) working principle and application
5, has a good team spirit and communication skills
6, with the development of automation equipment or motion platform control experience preferred
7, certified by the Labview development specialists or senior architect certification preferred

Second, the motion control engineers
1, motion control and trajectory planning;
2, automation equipment, servo motion control
1, directly under the Ministry of Education, undergraduate colleges graduate, undergraduate education, computer applications, electronic class professional master's degree priority;
2, a good level of English (CET-4) above, has a skilled literacy. 3 years of work experience in high-tech enterprises, more than 2 years of movement control development experience; 2 years of R & D project management and team building experience;
3, proficient in the software design process, proficient in C / C + + programming and embedded software development platform, familiar with ARM, DSP and FPGA development; understanding of digital circuits, analog circuits knowledge; excellent software engineers thinking;
4, has been in research and development as academic leaders responsible for solving technical and technological issues and technical problems;
5, familiar with automation equipment industry, the familiar control theory and practical application experience;
6, leading R & D and project management experience is preferred.

Third, the sales manager
1, the company management positions to develop annual work plans of the sales department, the completion of the company's annual sales target as well as other tasks;
2, according to the company's annual sales target, develop sales strategy, sales exploded plan and sales budget;
3, the establishment and management of the sales force, continue to regulate the sales process, culture committed to the operational capacity of the sales staff; assist in the development of the sales staff performance objectives, assessment programs;
4, the tissue product marketing work carried out, focusing on brand building;
1, full-time key university undergraduate degree or above, automation, computer, electrical and mechanical or economic, marketing, management and other related professionals;
2, more than five years sales experience, including working in related industries for more than three years of sales management, machinery, automation and other related industry experience preferred;
3, excellent team building experience, strong team management skills, good coordination to promote the work of various departments;
4, keen market awareness, adaptability, leadership ability, and the independent ability to develop new markets;
5, has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, honest and hard-working, healthy, optimistic, full of pioneering spirit, able to travel;

Sales Engineer
Responsible for the company's products in the region are responsible for market development and maintenance, customer relationship management, as well as the completion of the sales plan.
1, Bachelor degree or above in any discipline, mechanical and automation professional priority;
2, more than two years of electronic, automotive, OEM and related industry work experience are LED, solar industry sales experience is a plus;
3, good communication and coordination skills, analytical capabilities and resource integration capabilities;
4, full of strong self-motivated, self-confidence, learning ability and spirit to endure hardship;

Motor structural engineer
1, motor and drive structural design;
2 motor Tree, motor three-dimensional modeling, the 2D part drawings;
3, part drawings, BOM archive.
1, Machinery or motor related professional degree or above;
2, three motor structure design or mechanical product design work experience;
The solid mechanical basics capacity;
4, familiar with motor structure, a strong mechanical design capabilities;
Skilled use Slidworks or ProE, AutoCAD software.

Electronics Engineers (responsible for motor project)
Responsible for research and development, testing and production of the company's new motor work
1, An electronic or electromechanical professional, undergraduate or above, the motor industry for more than two years work related experience;
2, with digital circuits, analog circuit theory;
3, familiar Protel99, PADS, Layout;
4, familiar with electrical safety and EMC EMC.

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