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Innovative development of machine tool enterprises to enhance core competitiveness
Time:2020-12-07 Read:4046

After the reform and opening up, many machine tool enterprises in my country still cannot get rid of the shackles of the planned economic system, with outdated concepts, extensive management, low efficiency and lack of vitality. Some companies have completely disappeared, some companies are on the verge of bankruptcy, but some companies have embarked on a distinctive path to success. So, what is the secret of the development of these successful companies?

The latest release of the "2016-2021 China's high-end CNC machine tool market prospect analysis and competitive landscape forecast research and development report" provides industry research reports, market analysis reports, industry reports, survey reports, project feasibility reports, special research, etc. Market consulting services.

The key to the rapid development of enterprises lies in focusing on innovation and accelerating the pace of product structure adjustment. Innovation-driven development is not only the general trend, but also forced by the situation. From a global perspective, the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries and regions have increased their strategic investment in science and technology with innovation as the core. From a domestic perspective, my country is in a critical period of strategic transformation from large to strong, and the foundation for corporate innovation is not solid enough. From the perspective of machine tool companies on the verge of bankruptcy, companies must rely on innovation to transform their development methods. Without innovation, there will be no future and no room for development.

In the report of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, when discussing accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economic system and accelerating the transformation of economic development mode, it was clearly stated that innovation-driven development strategies should be implemented. Guan Xiyou, chairman of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, said that China must accelerate the transformation of its development mode without delay and must place the "implementation of innovation-driven development strategy" in a prominent position in accelerating the transformation of economic development. In the future, the development of enterprises must greatly improve the ability of independent innovation, and innovation is the only driving force for enterprise development.

Independent innovation is the only way to enhance the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Independent innovation does not mean that all technologies of an enterprise must have independent intellectual property rights, and not all product development must be done by itself. The enterprise itself is insufficient, and it can entrust research institutes or other enterprises to develop, and finally the main enterprise integrates and leads the application of the results. Chinese machine tool companies must rely on independent innovation to seek breakthroughs in core technologies, create world-class products, and create their own path. Without core technology, the development of China's machine tool industry will always be controlled by others.

For a long time, many important industries in our country have a high degree of dependence on foreign technology, and core technology is controlled by others. It is difficult for an enterprise without core technology to achieve sustainable development. The high-end machine tools needed for China's economic construction and key projects mainly rely on imports, and most of the CNC systems equipped with high-end machine tools come from overseas. my country's machine tool industry has always been an import and export deficit industry, exporting low-end products and importing high-end CNC systems.

Enterprises should be fully aware that only by occupying the commanding heights of industrial technology and achieving key leapfrogging in key technical fields can they lead the technological progress of the industry and gain first-mover advantage in competition. The market share of domestic high-end CNC machine tools must be curbed, and it is our mission to break through core technologies such as CNC systems.

In the past, domestic machine tools could not provide technical services, all core components were imported, and after-sales service was equivalent to making wedding clothes for others. Now Chinese machine tool companies have transformed into service providers. Enterprises must not only sell machine tools, but also provide customers with solutions; financial services, machine tool remanufacturing, machine tool and other industrial product sales, industrial design, industrial product marketing consulting, production management consulting, and information management systems are required. From simply selling machine tools in the past, to providing customers with a full range of services.

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