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What are the characteristics of non-standard automation equipment?
Time:2020-12-07 Read:2172

Speaking of non-standard automation equipment, many of my friends would think that this is a non-standard automation equipment. However, when asked about its usefulness, it may be difficult for you to tell why. In fact, when I first came into contact with non-standard automation equipment, I also understood this way, but it is not accurate!

To be precise, non-standard automation equipment is a customized product. It has a strong uniqueness. We all know that standardized products can be mass-produced, but non-standard ones cannot be mass-produced. But this kind of product is produced in accordance with national production requirements, and its production standards are different according to different requirements and methods of users! This is the complete definition of non-standard automation equipment. From this definition, it has unique characteristics, so what are the characteristics of non-standard automation equipment? Let's take a look!

First: The design of non-standard automation equipment still pays more attention to standardization. Although it is non-standard, it is produced strictly in accordance with national standards. This also ensures the reliability and safety of the product, so that non-standard quality will not be guaranteed;

Second: Non-standard automation equipment pays more attention to modularization: because it is non-standard, users should customize the products they need according to their own needs. Then more people may customize specific modules for their needs. Non-standard automation equipment fully embodies its superiority in this respect, because it is only for a certain module, so the module performance is better, and this means that it is small and precise;

Third: simplify. Non-standard automation equipment pays more attention to simplicity when designing. The equipment is no longer complicated, this feature is that you can customize products with relatively simple operation according to your own needs. Because some products are more popular and have a lot of functions, but we don’t need so many functions. What should we do? The complicated parts can be removed through non-standard automation equipment, so the operation is easier. Turn the complexity into simplicity;

Fourth: The latest 3D design software is adopted to make the products more diversified. Each part of the product can also be assembled separately. This feature of non-standard automation equipment reduces the volume occupation problem between components. The weight and center of gravity have been greatly changed. At the same time, this design can be processed in the follow-up, unlike other products that cannot be processed once they are formed;

Fifth: Compared with standard mechanical products, non-standard automation equipment is the equipment that some companies customize according to their own production needs. At the same time, it has standardized production. With the rapid development of technology, it has been used in every industry , Has a good evaluation in various industries!

Non-standard automation equipment is now a relatively wide range of equipment, its excellent performance, and customization, so that it can survive in multiple industries!

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